Dr. Michael Diekers


Former Ph.D. Student

1996 – 2000


ABX GmbH Radeberg
Heinrich-Glaeser-Str. 10-14 01454 Radeberg



Diploma Thesis

Synthese und Charakterisierung von [60]Fulleren-Diaden mit chinoiden Akzeptoren

Ph.D. Thesis

Synthese und Elektronentransfereigenschaften von Akzeptor- und Donor[60]Fulleren-Diaden


3)M. Diekers, C. Luo, D. M. Guldi, A. Hirsch Th-Symmetrical Hexakisadducts of C60 with a Densely Packed π-Donor Shell Can Act as Energy- or Electron-Transducing SystemsChemistry - A European Journal 2002, 8, 979-991
2)M. Diekers, A. Hirsch, C. Luo, D. M. Guldi, K. Bauer, U. Nickel Synthesis, Cyclic Voltammetry, and Photophysical Properties of a Bridged o-Phenylenediamine−C60 DyadOrganic Letters 2000, 2, 2741-2744
1)M. Diekers, A. Hirsch, S. Pyo, J. Rivera, L. Echegoyen Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of New C60-Acceptor and -Donor DyadsEuropean Journal of Organic Chemistry 1998, 1998, 1111-1121