Dr. Elena Ravanelli


Ehemaliger Ph.D. Student

1998 – 2003


Tel: +49 (0) 9131 85 00 000
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Synthesis and characterization of stereochemically defined fullero-peptides hybrids


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2)M. Braun, S. Atalick, D. M. Guldi, H. Lanig, M. Brettreich, S. Burghardt, M. Hatzimarinaki, E. Ravanelli, M. Prato, R. Eldik van, A. Hirsch, et al. Electrostatic Complexation and Photoinduced Electron Transfer between Zn-Cytochrome c and Polyanionic Fullerene DendrimersChemistry - A European Journal 2003, 9, 3867-3875
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